Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Complete (Pick and Shovel) Septic Inspection?

All of Accurate Environmental's septic inspections are conducted by either a licensed Environmental Sanitarian or Maryland Certified Inspector. Complete inspections follow Maryland Department of the Environment suggested guidelines and contain the following components: extensive homeowner interview (when available), record request from the local health department, and excavation and observation of the septic tank and related system components (the septic tank will not be excavated if observation ports are present). A complete inspection also includes surge testing the system with a minimum of 125 gallons of water to determine if the system is functioning hydraulically. Checking the baffles of the septic tank and solid level will also be done. The absorption system will be checked and dye testing of the system will be performed.

The homeowner/buyer will receive a detailed report of observations of the septic system including all health department records available. Pictures will also be provided showing the location of the septic system. This service is available 5 days a week, and rush inspections may be accommodated.

What is a Dye Test?

The septic system will be dyed and slug tested with a minimum of 100 gallons of water. The licensed Environmental Sanitarian or Maryland Certified Septic Inspector will walk the property looking for evidence of sewage effluent on the ground surface and/or the presence of the overboard discharge pipes.

The homeowner/buyer will receive a pass/fail report from Accurate Environmental. This service is available 5 days a week, and rush inspections may be accommodated.

What chemicals are tested in your water testing?

Our water samples and evaluation consist of bacteriological and chemical tests. The chemical testing includes: pH, turbidity, salt-water intrusion, lead, radium (Gross Alpha), nitrates, nitrites, radon in water, arsenic, VOC's testing.

What counties in Maryland do you serve?

Our services are available throughout most of Maryland. If your county is not listed, please call us for pricing. We primarily serve the following counties: Anne Arundel (and Annapolis city), Prince Georges, Calvert, Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Annes, Talbot, Somerset, Worcester, and Wicomico.

What are your prices?

Prices vary by county due to different requirements including regulations and travel. View our price list for more details.

Are well and/or septic inspections required?

Depends on the local laws. Typically, well and septic inspections are not required by banks, but local laws vary. Reach out to your realtor for more information about your local area.

Does getting the inspections guarantee I won't have any issues?

No. Well testing will test the quality of the water, so they generally will identify any potential issues prior to buying a home. Septic system quality can depend on the size of family and overall usage. There is no guarantee that the system won't fail when overused and not maintained.